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Lower Manhattan (and my story about a mouse)

February 9, 2007

Federal Hall

Trinity Church, Broadway

New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street
(Wall St is actually really tiny, not main road size at all)

The Bull on Broadway

A big, old, nasty rat
I think this has something to do with strike breakers on a picket line

South Street Seaport
Brooklyn Bridge in the background

Tall Ships at the South Street Seaport

Now, that I’ve kind of done the things that I really wanted to do, and am mostly over my cold, I thought I’d dive back in to New York.

I took a walk around lower Manhattan. I started at City Hall and walked down past Ground Zero, down Broadway, past Wall Street, and then on to the South Street Seaport where they have an exhibition on called “Bodies“. Now this, exhibition isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s actual human bodies, preserved and stripped down to muscle, bone veins and arteries. The bodies are from a university in China. It was interesting if not a little weirdly gruesome.

I then grabbed a ticket to go see Rent tonight, and headed back into Soho.

Katz’s Deli
This is Harry & Sally’s table

On the way home I stopped at the legendary Katz’s Deli. I had a huge sandwich and pickles, and met an Aussie girl from Melbourne working behind the counter.

The Story of the Mouse

It was three in the morning and everyone was asleep. Reem, mouth breathing because of her cold, was sound asleep and dry of throat. Suddenly, Reem heard an odd rustling sound coming from the bin in her room. “What is that? ” she wondered to herself. Drowsy but alert, she rolled over and switched on the light. At first, she saw nothing, but continued to hear the odd rustling noise. Then as she sat up, she saw a small brown mouse in her bin! her breath caught and she leapt from her bed. The mouse, however, was faster and jumped out of her tissue strewn bin and headed for the door.

As you can imagine, Reem was rather put out by this mouse, but she did her best to get back to sleep.

Twenty minutes later, she heard a familiar noise. This time, she made as though to get out of bed, though the thought of sharing the same floor as the mouse grossed her out more than words can say. The mouse bolted.

Again, Reem attempted to sleep. And again, the mouse zeroed in on the bin. (Reem had no idea what the mouse was after, as the bin, to her memory was filled with snotty tissues from her cold). This time Reem removed the bin altogether and put it in the kitchen.

The mouse returned no more. Fingers crossed!

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  1. February 12, 2007 3:25 pm

    I heard you had an exciting Saturday night, climaxed by running away from a crazed drunken woman. What was that about? Care to share??

    And are you having fun in the big city yet?

  2. February 12, 2007 3:26 pm

    OMG! I just looked at the date on my comment! I’m posting in the future!!

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