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Mmm Meatpacking?

January 31, 2007

I‘m going to Washington tomorrow for the day and have an early start. So I thought I’d take today particularly easy. No museums or galleries to pace around. I looked at the map and thought, why not head over to the west side, as I hadn’t ventured that way at all. Then, when I looked at my lonely planet map, I realised that I was heading straight for a chi chi little restaurant called Pastis

It didn’t disappoint. Think of the wankiest restaurant, (Though not silver service, more casual than that), with the coolest attitude, and you have Pastis. It was lovely. Great food, fantastic service. I had a hamburger, lovely glass of french wine and a beautiful Rosemary pannacotta. It was totally yum!


So then, I headed over to Bleecker Street and walked it’s length through to Broadway.

Bleecker Street, looking South

Bleecker Street is the coolest. Very expensive little boutiques and designer stores. It also, boasts Magnolia Bakery. For those “Sex and the City” fans, this bakery, famous for it’s cupcakes, is featured in an episode.

Magnolia Bakery

My chocolate cupcake
(Which I’ll devour after dinner)

Then I just walked down Broadway back to my hood. On the way, I got accosted by a couple of guys, selling their CD. $20 later, and a promise to go their gig, and I was back on my way.

All in all, very chilled out day.

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