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Australia Day

January 27, 2007

Australia Day, and what was I to do???!

Yesterday, I’d found a little restaurant/bar called the Tuck Shop not far from where I’m staying. Co-owned by an Aussie and what sounds like an Irish man, they hand make pies, lamingtons and vanilla slice and import Boag’s and Cooper’s! I rocked up yesterday hoping for vegemite toast. No luck, they’d run out of bread.

I returned this afternoon, hoping that I could pay small tribute to Australia Day. I was in luck. Vegemite toast and real coffee! I mean, proper espresso! So I sat and I ate. More of Tuck Shop later.

The first thing I did this morning was visit the Museum of Sex. Unfortunately for me, their main gallery was closed as they’re preparing for a new exhibition. What they did have on was a Japanese print exhibit, and items from their permanent collection. Make what you will of the photos below:

The Thrill Hammer

Anyway, after this, I headed back to my hood, then on to Tuck Shop for my Australia Day Vegemite Toast! I got there, had my toast, and my coffee and read my book. Finally, here was my first chilled out day in New York! But then, another Australian. Simon Burstall was his name, and he’s lived here for 8 years. Photographer by trade, and full of great stories. We bonded over beer and New York. We were later joined by his fiancee briefly, then a mate of his who had just got back from Oz.

We shared beers and stories, until I begged off home…so here I am, just finished eating left over indian from last night, and uploading photos.

Maybe the Museum of Modern Art tomorrow, or maybe the Guggenheim?

Will keep you posted….

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