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January 24, 2007

This is down at City Hall in Manhattan

Looking back at Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge

Liberty from the Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Bridge, from Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Brooklyn Bridge, from Brooklyn Bridge Park


A glimpse of the Bridge from a back street

My lonely planet told me that this was a spot for wedding parties to come down and be photographed. Not two minutes after I took this, a couple came down and had their photos taken.

Jerolemon Street, Brooklyn

Montague Street, Brooklyn

Today, even though I promised my Mum that I would hang around at home and chill (I’m feeling a little run down and tired), I couldn’t resist walking over the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun was out and shining!
The two most important things I did this morning in Brooklyn:

Visit Jacques Torres Chocolate

This place had the most amazing hot chocolate I’ve ever had in my life…I had the “wicked”…it has cinnamon, allspice and a bit of was so yummy but I couldn’t even finish a small cup….

The other most important thing I did, was get pizza. Now this doesn’t seem that important, but in New York, Pizza is a religion. Grimaldi’s rates as one of the top three pizza joints in the New York tri state area…They don’t server slices, so unfortunately for me I had to get a whole “small” pizza, which is a standard large in Oz. I had the sun dried tomato and basil. It was superb pizza.

While I was there, a couple of guys sitting next to me struck up a conversation. It’s unusual in this town for people to hang out on their own. Particularly a woman. They asked heaps of questions about what I was doing and what I thought of New York. They were all in “finance” and worked at Wall St. One lived in New Jersey, one in Brooklyn and one at Staten Island. They were very sweet, and very funny, and fascinated by my lonely planet. It seems lonely planet isn’t a guide readily available here in New York. The experience was fab. And Brooklyn is a much friendlier and relaxed place than Manhattan.

Some of the things I’ve noticed in my first week:

  • New Yorkers have never heard of a garbage bin. They chuck things on the street. Yuck.
  • There are a lot of French people in New York
  • New Yorkers are very insulated. They don’t travel.
  • Nannies are invariably African American or African migrants (I saw a lot of nannies and their charges at the natural history museum)
  • New Yorkers can’t understand my accent
  • Again, their coffee is fucking appalling!

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  1. kate permalink
    January 29, 2007 9:01 am

    🙂 I have a photos of a wedding party at that park buy the bridge too-all wearing tails and bow ties and frothy meringue dresses and…running shoes! bridesmaids and bride holding the groom while he did that 80s lying down resting-chin-on-hand-pose, stretch limo covered in kewpie dolls(?) (No bridesmaid dogs though…)

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