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The American Museum of Natural History

January 23, 2007

The guy on the horse is Teddy Roosevelt



What the fuck?

Apparently so, there was a third cabinet of rodents too….

I mean, really…and they didn’t think people would take pictures?????

This perplexed me also.

This is actually an elephant’s skeleton

Ostrich and Warthog

Entrance to the “Asian Peoples” area


African Elephants

Polar Bear about to eat Seal


A badger for Badger!

The biodiversity wall…this was cool

These are micro-organisms


This is an enormous whale that’s suspended over the ocean exhibition area

This one made me giggle

Giant fish with big mouths suspended from the ceiling

The Planetarium

Times Square

Times Square

Another day, another museum. This one I enjoyed far more than The Met. Though I was pturbed by the animals. Obviously, for the most part, they are real, stuffed and mounted animals. Someof them I couldn’t bear to photograph as their faces seemed so sad.

But, it was so cool. The Planetarium is this huge round orb, you go in and a film is projected over the entire roof of it. So it looks like you’re in space. It was amazing!

More shopping today, though not excessive. Pat & Allan, got one pair of pants for James, just have to grab jeans. Got myself matching pants for one of the suits I bought.

Currently in Dunkin’ Donuts dying for a wee (no toilets), and wondering what to have for dinner….

Miss you all heaps!

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  1. Amanda permalink
    January 24, 2007 12:39 am

    I’m very much enjoying the walking, hat-wearing and eating tales. I recognise the guilty pleasure of sitting in a Starbucks – you know you shouldn’t and the coffee is shit, but the chairs are comfy and the air-con is warm…It will do until you find somewhere better!

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