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March 5, 2007


The end…almost

March 2, 2007

Well, I’m finally home and at the end of my first week back at work. It now feels like I never left…

For those of you that remeber my story about the mouse that came to visit me, check out this story about rats in Greenwich Village!

My last photos will be posted ASAP.

My boys, and my girls!

February 16, 2007

Me, Donna & Mitch (Shayna is the photog)

Charles & Taras

Today, was my last full day in New York, and it was lovely.

I’m so glad I got to meet me email buddy Mitch and his amazing, and incredible wife, Donna and their beautiful daughter Shayna.

The boys above, are from Liquiteria, the juice bar I frequented, frequently while I’ve been here. These boys have been great. Not only helping me keep various colds and flu away, but making me smile each and every time I’ve gone to see them!

I’m gonna miss those hot killers!

More Snow & Whitney (No, not her!)

February 15, 2007

St Marks in the Bowery

Looking north up 2nd Avenue (My street)
(Claire, NYC has taught me direction, but don’t know how I’ll go when I get home)

Today is my last full day in New York, and I have taken my time.

I took my time getting up this morning and making my breakfast, then had to dash out to get my washing (I had no clean knickers left!), then a long, hot shower, before I set off to the Whitney Museum.

I had tried to go to this museum on Tuesday, unfortunately for me, my Lonely Planet was slightly out of date, as the Whitney is closed Mondays/Tuesdays.

So I managed to get back there today, and I have to say, it was pretty much the least inspiring museum of my visit. Even the overwhelming, huge Metropolitan Museum of Art was better than this.

There were a couple of interesting pieces, but the bag I bought and the Andy Warhol fridge magnets I bought were far more interesting, as was my hot chocolate.

So dinner with my friend Mitch, and his wife Donna and their daughter Shayna, and then packing (and re-packing) before I head home.

I can’t wait!


February 14, 2007

Intersection of Broadway & Vesey Street, Lower Manhattan

Grey days in New York make me happy. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, blue, clear days are often eye wateringly cold, and greyness means that some heat is trapped and therefore not so cold.

Today was not only grey, but muddy, and icy and slippery with snow and sleet, and rain and wind. Foul, foul weather. But, eh, not so cold.

Today, I accompanied my lovely lawyer friend Mitch to Court in Brooklyn. This involved me being up at the ungodly hour of around 7am. Something that I haven’t done the entire time I’ve been away.
Court in Brooklyn was funny, and involved a lot of sitting around waiting. At one point, we went upstairs to have a peek into another court, to see a security guard asleep in the Judge’s chair. Was very funny.

Headed back to the office to participate in a little farewell for the very lovely Asena (The bar wench from an earlier post), who is going back to Slovakia.

Am currently at home, where after having gone to a movie have realised it’s Valentine’s day, (hard to miss with all those roses and smooching couples) and my Valentine is at home in warm Sydney, while I’m in slushy New York!

Happy Valentine’s!

Lazing Around & Counting Down

February 13, 2007

A very chilly glimpse of Central Park

My Favourite building

The mouth of the Beast!

On my way to Broadway

February 10, 2007

I stumbled across this in the subway (Needs Sound):

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble